13 Jan

Website Changes & Second Edition of Volume I

For some time now registration has not been required as all the material is on the web is freely available to any and all visitors. Moreover, whilst there have not been many (rejected) ‘spammer’ registrations, and the rate of hacking attempts has decreased slightly, I am keen to simplify and enhance security by removing the facility to register and logon to the website. This I intend do on February 1st, 2019. Thereafter the site will revert to just using the HTTP protocol rather than secure HTTPS and any registration data will be permanently deleted.

I do not intend any further updates of the website, as it stands, until later this year, when I will be re-publishing an alternate version to accommodate material for the second edition of Volume I.

The second edition is largely complete in its basic content (that is, it does require some further editing and the encoding of supporting videos) apart from the final part regarding multi/cross-platform UIs and the use of Visual Studio 2019. The move to Visual Studio 2019 removes all the ‘fudging’ required to get a workable F# environment in Visual Studio 2015. The material focuses almost entirely upon development of cross-platform code and applications using .NET Standard/Core with some testing via the Windows Subsystem for Linux, however, I am considering retaining a small section about using WPF because of its corporate legacy importance – the rest of the UI part would focus on Xamarin as there still appears to be no other choice. The nature of the content and its presentation have also been modified somewhat to reflect an F# usage more in line with what one may use it for in basic Data Science usage with a theme of reporting upon CITES (https://www.cites.org) sample data – although more advanced topics likes machine learning, computation expressions, type provider creation etc. will be presented in the later second edition of Volume II.

If you have any comments re. removing login/security from the site, or about the second edition of the book, please feel free to let me know.

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